Healthy lifestyle: A Pavement for Happy life

Healthy Lifestyle

The dire fact is that we all are furnished with the basic knowledge of how health is essential, yet will not sweat for achieving and retaining good health. We must retain it and if we fail to perpetuate it, our body will give indications, and it can be even worse. MY BODY MY RIGHT, CHOICE, PRIDE is the watchword among youngsters. Alas, most of them ignore the fact that my body must be healthy. Health isn’t just a certainty of mere disease; it’s an aura of a good mind. Snoozing the alarm gives a catnap for a little longer, what about the time passed by doing the snooze of the alarm? All the tension blows out, what about the deadline? Being prompt, having a Stable mind, a balanced diet, and adequate body weight by doing workouts must be our means to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Fat isn’t funny!

Healthy Lifestyle

“Workout kills obesity.” And staying away from obesity is a need for the hour, especially in this pandemic era. Obesity is one of the Non-communicable diseases which have triggered the defenselessness to Covid19 pandemics. This again underscores the haste to cultivate a fair healthy lifestyle. Augmenting an adequate diet, proper workout, and a peaceful mind will help us to stay away from diseases. A healthy lifestyle depends on each individual’s age, gender, family history, income level, living area, and much more. But these all factors aren’t excuses for all.  Availing gym service and getting muscles done will not assure you of not getting a heart attack. What if the same person consumes alcohol, is a chain smoker, and is an enthusiast of oily foods?

Don’t frown your brows, a healthy lifestyle is not that hard to achieve. Water, balanced diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and socialization, not just for one day! Make a routine, you will see wonders. Lethargic, unproductive welcomes unhealthy lifestyles. This rotten life will not confine to you, but to your near and dear. Have you ever wondered if practicing an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually deteriorate our earth? It simply means as we lead a sluggish, unhealthy life we grapple with all the natural resources and contribute to the piling up of wastes without even conserving them. So having good health is indispensable. So yeah “The wealth” you must own in your life must be “health” so that you can enjoy your “wealth”.

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